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Transformational coaching for health & life
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Michelle Daschel welcomes you for a complimentary discovery session. What are you wanting to create in your life? Michelle can help you!

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I believe in helping you enjoy your life, no matter where you are on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

I want to help you make sure that your lifestyle is one that aligns with your values and your dreams. That's why my mission is to help you live the happiest, healthiest life possible.



12 Weeks to Owning Your Health

With the support of a coach, give yourself the immediate focus and accountability needed to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. 

Creating A Life You Love

After menopause, everything seems to change! Wouldn’t you love having a healthy mind and body to carry you into the next phase of your life? In this group coaching workshop, you will learn to identify and breakthrough limiting beliefs in health, spirituality, relationships, career, and finance.


Holistic Leadership – Holistic Life

Overcome barriers to success in areas such as health, love, relationships, career, and communication. This program provides the framework, accountability, and support as you become the very best version of yourself!


Meet Michelle


After years of suffering, Michelle Daschel decided to become a health and life coach. She knows first-hand how painful it is to feel that your health and life are out of control. After meeting hundreds of clients and researching human behavior and habit change, Michelle realized that many people struggle with making lasting changes because they've created incomplete beliefs about themselves and what their life "should be". Michelle's mission is to empower women to create the life they have always dreamed about.  She helps them get in touch with their core values and strengths so they can become the woman they desire without sacrificing their health, relationships, or Divine purpose.  


What people say

Kim D.

“My experience working with Michelle has been completely life changing and invigorating! I blew my goals out of the water! Besides losing 15 lbs. & 4.5 inches from my abdominal area, I've gained muscle, confidence, clarity and somewhat of a sense of calmness. For me, that is huge!!

Another HUGE result is my overall cholesterol went down 33 points!  I am incredibly grateful for my Coach and the timing for this opportunity!  I tell everyone it is "stupid easy" to do!! Just amazing!”

Karin S.

“Michelle is an excellent listener and communicator. She relays much empathy and concern for her clients. She is able to elicit responses from the client to analyze and reflect back, while providing positive simple input for the client to contemplate.”

Alexia C.

“Michelle is so engaging and available to listen, question and guide. Her passion for health and life is contagious! She is a wonderful listener, has extreme patience, and an elegant way of making you feel familiarity. The biggest impact for me, besides the weight I wanted to lose, is being able to say I love myself and feel confident about my unique qualities, because they make me, me!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”