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Transformational coaching for health & life
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Michelle Daschel welcomes you for a complimentary discovery session. What are you wanting to create in your life? Michelle can help you!

Schedule your complimentary discovery session today!

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and successful.  

My mission is to empower women to become the leader they desire without sacrificing their health, relationships, or divine purpose. 



12 Weeks to Owning Your Health

With the support of a coach, give yourself the immediate focus and accountability needed to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. 

Creating A Life You Love

Regardless of age, our moods and energy levels are often the results of our hormones.  Wouldn’t you love having a healthy mind and body to carry you into the next phase of your life? In this group coaching workshop, you will learn to identify and break through limiting beliefs in health, spirituality, relationships, career, and finance.


Holistic Leader – Holistic Life

Overcome barriers to success in areas such as health, love, relationships, career, and communication. This program provides the framework, accountability, and support as you become the very best version of yourself!


Meet Michelle


After years of struggling to understand who she wanted to be when she grew up, Michelle focused on her character strengths and core values and began cultivating more of what brought her joy.  Like many of you, Michelle's life changed during 2020; that became the springboard to launching her Well-being Coaching business.  Before her career as a woman's well-being coach, Michelle was a leader and educator in corporate human resources for over 30 years and earned an advanced degree in organizational communication and leadership.  She knows first-hand how painful it is when the demands of your career impact your health, relationships, and ability to fulfill your life dreams.   After meeting hundreds of clients and researching human behavior and habit change, Michelle realized that our well-being across the dimensions of mental, physical, spiritual, vocational, and financial wellness are all connected!!  When Michelle started to improve her well-being in one area, all the other dimensions improved as well!  Michelle's mission is to empower women to create the life they have always dreamed about.  She takes a holistic approach and empowers them to get in touch with their core values and strengths so they can become the woman they desire without sacrificing their health, relationships, or Divine purpose.  Michelle can help you transform your life.  Schedule a discovery session now.  


What people say

Kimberly K

“My experience working with Michelle has been completely life-changing and invigorating!  Besides losing 15 lbs. I've gained muscle, confidence, clarity, and a sense of calmness. For me, that is huge!! 

Another HUGE result is that my overall cholesterol went down 33 points!  I am incredibly grateful for my Coach and the opportunity!  I tell everyone it is just amazing!”

Michele Z.

Michelle Daschel Coaching was the best investment I ever made for myself and my future. I highly recommend investing in her coaching skills to be the best you can be.

Sabrina S. 

Michelle is an excellent coach. Showing patience and flexibility as I continue on my journey toward wellness, her insights and guidance have been extremely valuable. I highly recommend her services, as her passion shines through with every conversation.

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