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12 Weeks to Owning Your Health

Do you avoid looking in full-length mirrors? Do you think that a healthy eating plan means you’ll have to starve or isolate yourself from eating with family or friends? Do find that certain stressful situations have you running to foods like chocolate or chips?  I understand because I have been there, and I designed this course for you.

With my 12 Weeks to Owning Your Health course, you are giving yourself the immediate focus and accountability needed to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.  Whether your goal is to reduce stress, lose weight, or begin an exercise routine, the 12 Weeks to Owning Your Health course is for you. 

  • Free yourself from the deprivation, starvation, and the shame of nourishing yourself.   

  • Overcome your personal roadblocks to success (including self-sabotage) as you easily move towards a healthy lifestyle.  



  1. Increased Energy: Discover which foods work best with your body type and individual lifestyle to maintain energy throughout the day.

  2. Better Digestion:  Learn the how to eat so that your body can fully process the food you consume; you’ll eat food you love and feel better than ever before.   

  3. Finding Joy in Movement: Discover (or rediscover) movement that is fun and feels like play; you’ll change how you think about the E word (exercise)!

  4. Get to Know Yourself: Find out what’s been stopping you or slowing you down from the healthy life you desire and set yourself up for worry-free success.

  5. Transform Your Life: Your success will springboard you forward with confidence to achieve goals in other areas of your life.


  1. Twelve 55-minute private coaching sessions.  In these powerful weekly sessions, we celebrate your successes, address any blocks you may be experiencing, learn meaningful content, enjoy immersion activities, and set goals for the following week.   

  2. As we progress in the program, l share with you curated information, recipes, and lists.

  3. Texting & Email: In-between sessions, I am available via text and email for celebrations, quick questions & support.  between sessions.

  4. Private Facebook group: I will be hosting private live events, posting additional resources, and offering monthly challenges just for members of this exclusive community.  In this group you can share your celebrations (and challenges) with a like-minded group of women who will support and cheer you on! 

Are you ready to own your health?


Three Monthly Payments of $700 or Pay in Full $1900 (and save $200)​

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