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Holistic Leader – Holistic Life

Become the leader you desire to be without sacrificing your health, relationships, or Divine purpose.


Are you feeling underappreciated and underutilized in spite of your years of experience? Are you feeling out of alignment with your strengths, values, and purpose? Are you numbing your stress with shopping, food, or substances? Are you sacrificing your needs, desires, health, or relationships for “success”?

Wouldn’t you rather have a purposeful life that balances your health, happiness, and priorities?  How wonderful would it be if you always felt your best and every day filled your life with meaning?   

How good could your life be if everything you did was deliberate, focused, and in alignment with what you want in your life?

In this highly personalized Holistic Leader – Holistic Life program, you will get crystal clear on your strengths, core values, and Divine purpose.  You will overcome barriers to success in areas such as health, love, relationships, career, and communication. You will learn how to create a life you love. This program provides the framework, accountability, and support as you become the very best version of yourself!



  1. Identify your values, strengths, and purpose to live a life that reflects them more fully.

  2. Create a powerful vision for your life and a plan to achieve it.

  3. Take action toward your goals every week and transform your life into the life you desire.

  4. Get clear on whom you want to be and begin the process of BE-coming.    

  5. Create new habits and practices that will enhance and change your life. 

  6. Create more love, happiness, and joy in your life.  

  7. Unleash the power within you to live your divine purpose.


  1. One 90-min “Get Started Right” Session: In this first session, we get crystal clear on your vision and goals for the future and create the key milestones to measure your success.

  2. Twenty 55-min Coaching Sessions: In these weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes and strategize on overcoming challenges. You will leave these powerful sessions clear on your next steps and energized for action.

  3. Three 90-min Deep Dive Sessions: During these sessions, we will work on challenging blocks you are experiencing. We will explore how to release that energy and get you moving forward without sabotaging your goals. *

  4. Curated Resources and Information: as we go along, I’ll share with you resources and information that will support you in your journey.

  5. Texting & Email: I am available for sharing celebrations or quick questions, between sessions via text and email. 

  6. Private Facebook group: I will be hosting private live events, posting additional resources, and offering monthly challenges just for members of this exclusive community.  In this group you can share your celebrations (and challenges) with a like-minded group of women who will support and cheer you on! 

Are you ready to own your health?


Six Monthly Payments of $999 or Pay in Full $5,794 (and save $200)

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